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Published: 8 March 2016 | by Richemont Club International


Richemont Club Code

I am a committed member of the Richemont Club because …

My profession is not just a job – I believe in it.
Quality is the focus of everyday work life – and we live it.
The learning process is the only process in life that will always stay with you.
Investing in the ongoing training and support of young people is a real concern.
The open and mutual exchange with club members on all levels – national as well as international – is very beneficial.
The passing on of “recipes for success” not only makes others – but also myself strong.
Economic success related to ethics is more than a lip service.
There is a firm and emotional attachment to the philosophy and competence of Richemont Craft School.

About the author:

The International Richemont Club is the umbrella organisation of the national clubs. Currently 11 European clubs and the Japanese club belong to the International Richemont Club. Further countries interested in joining the IRC are on the waiting list. Richemont – the national and international training centre and service company for all of the bakery-confectionary trade – represents more than just a name and the international secretariat. The Richemont clubs live the Richemont philosophy!

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