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Published: 10 March 2016 | by Richemont Club International


Start a new Club

We are happy to welcome you to our club.
Are you interested in starting a new, national (possibly regional) club?

Send us a request with your information, or contact the IRC secretariat in Lucerne (through the form) to get all necessary information and support.

Please introduce yourself and fill in your information.

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Information about the club:

Motivation (please describe briefly why you want to start a national club).

Information about the applicant:

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If you have any questions regarding starting a national club, you may contact the IRC secretariat using the form below:

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About the author:

The International Richemont Club is the umbrella organisation of the national clubs. Currently 11 European clubs and the Japanese club belong to the International Richemont Club. Further countries interested in joining the IRC are on the waiting list. Richemont – the national and international training centre and service company for all of the bakery-confectionary trade – represents more than just a name and the international secretariat. The Richemont clubs live the Richemont philosophy!

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